Rong Qiao entered the education sector in 1997 when it established its first Rong Qiao Kindergarten. Now Rong Qiao operates five Rong Qiao kindergartens in Fuzhou with a total of 1900 students and 240 staff. The kindergartens and their students have won several provincial and national awards, such as Outstanding Kindergarten of Fujian Province, Excellent Private Kindergarten of Fujian Province, National Children’s Painting Contest, and CCTV English Contest.

In 2012, Tedy Djuhar, the current President of Rong Qiao Group, established Jakarta Nanyang School in Indonesia. The school is a collaboration with the family of Nanyang schools of Singapore. The school’s mission is to promote the moral, intellectual, physical, social and aesthetic development of its students to their full potential. The school now has about 900 students across its kindergarten, primary school, secondary school and junior college. Its teaching staff comes from countries such as Indonesia, Singapore, Britain, India, China, America and Philippines.

In 2018, Rong Qiao, in collaboration of Sedbergh School of the UK, founded Rong Qiao Sedbergh School in Fuzhou, China.

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