• 2018-Now

    100 billion goal, balanced development

    In 2018, Rong Qiao laid down its “3+5+X” urban strategic layout, to march toward 100 billion in 3 years with sustained and steady development. Based on its position as an “integrated service provider for a comfortable urban life”, Rong Qiao has formed new multi-industry synergy between commerce, property management, hotels, education, health care, agriculture, industrial villages.

  • 2015-2017

    Innovative reform, leap-forward growth.

    Rong Qiao keet innovating in its operation mechanism. Internally, through real estate marketing, cooperation development, financial strategy, product level improvement and reform, Rong Qiao achieved rapid development. Externally, Rong Qiao sped up the development of Rong Qiao +multi-industry structure, founded Lin Wenjing Foundation and improved corporate strength by developing commerce, property management, education and health care.

  • 2011-2014

    Double-core layout, strategic restructuring

    Rong Qiao determined its strategy with Fuzhou and Shanghai as two core cities and focused on outstanding provincial capitals and strong second-tier cities. At the same time, Rong Qiao finished its arrangements for developing commercial real estate. Sticking to the principle of "intensive regional development”, Rong Qiao continues to explore on the road to business development.

  • 2005-2010

    Forceful expansion, nationwide layout

    Rong Qiao Group's map of expansion formally unfolded. Its branch offices in Wuhan, Hefei, Tianjin, Fuqing, Huai'an, Wuxi and so on were founded one after another.

  • 1997-2004

    Business exploration, leading in Fujian

    Rong Qiao Group's multi-industry structure began to take shape. Fuzhou Rong Qiao Property Management Co., Ltd., Fuzhou Rong Qiao Kindergarten and other businesses were founded in succession. In the meantime, Rong Qiao increased its development in Fuzhou. It developed the 2,800mu large project Southern Water Town, the Guangsha Prize winning project Rong Qiao Waterscape Mansion, which got printed on stamps showing the image of Fuzhou, and other benchmark projects. Rong Qiao became a leader among Fujian real estate developers.

  • 1992-1996

    Set sail in Fuzhou, built classics

    The founder Mr. Lin Wenjing financed and founded Rong Qiao Group in Fuzhou. After that, Rong Qiao Group successively built many classic landmarks, including Yuanhong Shopping Plaza, Yuanhong Waterscape Mansion, Rong Qiao Quarter 1, which promoted the new development of Fuzhou's urban habitat.

  • 1989

    Mr. Lin Wenjing financed and founded Rong Qiao Group as a Hong Kong-invested enterprise.

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