Mr. Lin Wenjing (Sutanto Djuhar) was born in 1928, in Xitou Village, Fuqing County, Fujian Province, China. At eight years of age, he moved to Southeast Asia. Later, in the late 1960s, he founded an industrial group and became a renowned Chinese entrepreneur in the global Chinese community.

Early in the spring of 1987, Mr. Lin Wenjing led a Southeast Asian business delegation to Fujian. Shocked by the poverty in his hometown, Mr. Lin Wenjing, who was nearly 60, resolutely put aside his flourishing overseas business and threw himself into the construction boom in his motherland; a boom brought forth by the reform and opening-up policy. His great lifelong commitment to repaying his hometown was thus started.

Mr. Lin Wenjing donated huge amounts of money to build bridges, roads, schools, hospitals, nursing homes and the Minjiang River Diversion Project in his hometown. In his hometown Fujian, Mr. Lin Wenjing created "six firsts in China": Taiwan's first experimental farm, called the Straits Experimental Farm; China’s first economic development zone invested by overseas Chinese, called he Rong Qiao Economic and Technological Development Zone; the world’s largest monitor production base, AOC Monitor; China’s first development zone invested by overseas Chinese, the Rong Qiao Industrial Zone; China’s first Taiwan industrial cluster invested by overseas Chinese, called Hongkuan Industrial Village; mainland China's first ports invested by overseas Chinese: Xialong, Yuanhong and Jiangyin.

With the support of the Party and state leaders, Mr. Lin Wenjing united overseas Chinese forces to benefit the motherland and helped his hometown Fuqing transform from a poor industrial and agricultural county into a modern port and industrial city. He created the Fuqing model and Fuqing speed and truly changed the appearance of his hometown. Without the seaport, development would lack momentum. Jiangyin Port, the international hub port developed, invested and built by Mr. Lin Wenjing, is a national category 1 open port. In 2017, the port’s container throughput exceeded 1.5 million TEUs. As a new "eye of the wind" in the Belt and Road Initiative, it’s rapidly integrating with the twenty-first-century "Maritime Silk Road." Mr. Lin Wenjing devoted his life to the economic development of his hometown. In 2018, at the "Daring to Be the First: Fujian Economic Glory Celebration and Award Ceremony for the Most Influential Entrepreneurs in Fujian during the 40 Years of Reform and Opening-Up," Mr. Lin Wenjing won the "Memorial Award for the Most Influential Entrepreneurs in Fujian During the 40 Years of Reform and Opening-up." This highest and heaviest honor in the economic sphere over the 40 years of reform and opening-up in Fujian was presented to Mr. Lin Wenjing to commemorate his outstanding contributions to Fujian's economic development.

In 1989, Mr. Lin Wenjing founded Rong Qiao Group in Fuzhou, China. Upholding the business philosophy "For Today's Residents, for Future Reference," the group is committed to "building an ideal urban life" in China.

Mr. Lin Wenjing, with love for his homeland, helped achieve the dream of the rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

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