Rong Qiao Sedbergh School is located in Coastal New Town, Changle District, Fuzhou, a new industrial town with pure air and picturesque scenery, surrounded by Soushi Mountain, Dongfeng Mountain and Nanyang Mountain, close to the East Lake and the East China Sea, with Changle International Airport on its north, China VR Center, China National Health Care Big Data Center, Southeast China Big Data Industrial Park on its south. Depending on Coastal New Town's location advantages and industrial features, our school enables students to get exposed to high and new technologies from zero distance and follow the pace of innovation in all directions, return to the advantageous natural environment and cultural customs, learn to be close to nature, love nature, protect nature and reward nature in outreach activities and practice.

Our school is carefully designed in line with the standards of a century-old famous school. It is a combination of Chinese and Western architectural features. There is a Chinese Culture Garden with the characteristics of Suzhou gardens in the British-style architectural complex. Our school has a first-class library, music hall, indoor gymnasium, art center, science lab, design workshop, drama studio, dance studio, as well as a 50m indoor heated swimming pool and a track-and-field ground up to the standards of international competitions. They enrich our school's curricular and extracurricular activities.

The high-end international bilingual school created by Rong Qiao Group hand in hand with the 500 years old famous British private school Sedbergh has inherited Rong Qiao Group's spirit of "synergy, practicality, aspiration, perseverance and courage" and Sedbergh School’s fine tradition of rigorous scholarship and careful education. Our school has innovatively designed a unique teaching system integrating Chinese and western education for training world citizens with patriotism and an international vision. In the near future, we will witness groups of Rong Qiao Sedbergh students become pillars of China and elite forces in the international arena.

From Sedbergh to Cambridge

Sedbergh School UK was founded by Roger Lupton, Council President of the UK's famous private school Eton College, with the help of St. John's College, University of Cambridge. Rong Qiao Sedbergh School has inherited and will carry forward Sedbergh School's pioneering spirit honed in its nearly 500 years of history, with solidarity, dedication, perseverance, faith and other values as the core. We train our students to have the whole world in mind, open their eyes to the whole world, develop good qualities and elegant temperament, and lay a solid foundation for entering world-class universities such as Cambridge, Oxford and Harvard.

Immersion English Environment

Rong Qiao Sedbergh School is a 15-year K-12 international bilingual boarding school that integrates China's curriculum with international curriculums, creates an immersive English learning environment and provides an all-round international education atmosphere. Starting from different cultures, our school extends English teaching from classroom to extracurricular activities, from English classes to math, science, music, art, sports and other subjects. We not only create a pleasant English classroom atmosphere, but also organize a variety of extracurricular activities. Our students not only can learn English, but also can learn in English, think and solve problems in English. We help students get rid of "mute English".

Chinese and Western Curriculums

Rong Qiao Sedbergh School innovatively integrates China's curriculum with international curriculums, including intradisciplinary and interdisciplinary integration, to make their respective advantages complementary to each other and let students study thoroughly. Intradisciplinary integration means the Chinese course and foreign course on the same subject are integrated, which can ensure consistency and continuity in teaching content and teaching methods of the same subject. Interdisciplinary integration means the boundaries between different subjects are broken for interdisciplinary study. Our "Chinese + Western Curriculum" creates a bilingual teaching environment for students. Through total immersion language teaching, students can naturally acquire bilingualism and develop diverse perspectives and cross-cultural communication skills.

Holistic Education

Our school attaches great importance to students' holistic development and pays attention to training creativity, artistic, sports and other talents, so that every student will bloom like flowers. In addition to academic courses, our school plans to offer a variety of extracurricular activities, including rugby, hockey, fencing, floor hockey, canoeing, tennis, basketball, football, table tennis, volleyball, badminton, swimming, martial arts, tai chi, chorus, orchestra, dancing, painting, art, photography, thinking training, speech and debate, art of hosting, literature, film and performance art, robotics, design technology and public activities, etc. Every summer, our school will organize an overseas study tour to famous schools around the world, to let students experience the local customs, visit famous schools around the world and communicate with their peers in English, apply their knowledge to improve their English.

A Unique Garden in the School

In our school, we have specially built a Chinese Culture Center in the architectural style of Suzhou gardens, to spread the long-standing profound Chinese culture among Chinese and foreign students from all over the world. Our school plans to offer various courses in traditional Chinese culture, such as etiquette, folklore, studies of ancient Chinese studies, calligraphy, seal cutting, paper cutting, Chinese painting, go, folk music, zheng, tea art, pottery and tai chi, as well as famous world intangible cultural heritage projects in Fujian, such as colored-lantern making, Wing Chun, cork carving, marionette, etc. We spread the seeds of Chinese culture in our school, letting students acquire wisdom and ability, form a good attitude toward life and improve their comprehensive quality.

Chinese and Foreign Teachers, Small Class Sizes

Rong Qiao Sedbergh School's Chinese principal and foreign principal have rich experience in teaching and school management. They will lead the best international faculty to provide high-quality education for Chinese and foreign students. Each class will have 25 students at the maximum, with one foreign head teacher and one Chinese head teacher. Our teachers adopt student-centered teaching. They teach students in accordance with their aptitude, inspire and enlighten students, leading them to discover their gifts. Small classes allow every child to receive adequate attention and timely guidance.

A British Boarding School

As a British boarding school, we advocate the influence of environment and the guidance of role models. We improve children's independence and self-care, train them to share, care, take responsibility, develop good habits and build excellent personalities. Our school provides a safe, nutritious, healthy menu that includes Chinese and western food, meat and vegetable dishes. In our dormitories (the Houses), there are self-study rooms, audio-video rooms, common rooms, small kitchens and laundry rooms. Children in different grades in the same house are like brothers and sisters. They form a new family with our dorm supervisors' families as well as our Chinese and foreign teachers. Our teachers will help students with their homework, teach them etiquette, dine with them, chat with them and play with them. There will be various competitions between the houses. Children will do their best for the honor of their own house. In such a safe and warm environment, children will gain precious friendships and a sense of belonging and enhance their sense of honor and team spirit.

Tutorial System

Rong Qiao Sedbergh School's Tutorial System is student-centered, stressing individual tutoring, paying attention to students' individual learning ability and interests. Our tutors will tailor individualized growth plans for students according to their English levels, receptivity and academic goals. In their freshmen year in senior high school, our tutors will help students learn more about foreign universities and their programs, providing better guidance in terms of college prep programs and careers guidance. Our unique tutorial system enables students to get close attention and timely guidance in every step of their growth.

The school will open in Sept. 2018.
We are now recruiting foreign and Chinese kindergarten students,first-grade to third-grade primary school student, first-year and third-year junior high school students, and senior high school freshmen!
(seats are limited, we enroll only those who are outstanding)
Rong Qiao Sedbergh School provides scholarships to students who excel in academic performance, music, arts and sports. By giving full play to the exemplary role of excellent students, we further create a good learning atmosphere to help more high school students apply to world-class universities.

Our summer camp "Tour of Sedbergh" aims to lead students to the century-old famous school in the UK, to experience Sedbergh School's history, characteristics and learning atmosphere, and learn the western customs and culture. Students will be exposed to an authentic English environment and improve their ability to use English in an all-round way, which will lay a good foundation for freshmen to start our all-English courses and study abroad in the future.

Theme: Summer camp Tour of Sedbergh
Targets: School students aged 11-17 (seats are limited, we enroll only those who are outstanding!)
Time: Aug. 2018
Location: Sedbergh School, UK
  • Preparatory office:F11, Rong Qiao Center, 100 Jiangbin Avenue, Taijiang District, Fuzhou, Fujian, China
    Address:Jinbin Road, Coastal New Town, Changle District, Fuzhou, Fujian, China
    Admissions Consulting Office:Crowne Plaza Fuzhou Riverside, 100-1 West Jiangbin Avenue, Taijiang District, Fuzhou, Fujian, China
  • TEL:(0086) 0591-88262066 88262099
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